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Animal Specialty Center

Cancer Care Options for Your Pet at Animal Specialty Center

At Animal Specialty Center, we understand how difficult a cancer diagnosis for your pet can be. Our compassionate radiation oncology team is here to support you and your pet every step of the way. If you have been referred to our hospital or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our radiation oncologists, call us to make an appointment.

What is Veterinary Radiation Oncology?

Veterinary Radiation Oncology is a specialized type of cancer treatment that involves radiation therapy to help control internal and external cancerous masses or tumors. Masses or tumors that have been unresponsive to other procedures or that cannot be surgically removed can also respond well to radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is often used in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy, and other treatment methods.

Our Radiation Oncology Team

The Veterinary Radiation Oncologists at Animal Specialty Center are here for you and your pet. We understand how overwhelming this process can be. Your pet is in good hands with our caring cancer care team. Learn more about our veterinary radiation oncologists below.

Staff scanning animal at Animal Specialty Center

Radiation Therapy Treatments

Radiation therapy is delivered to the location of the cancerous tumor or mass with a linear accelerator. At Animal Specialty Center, we use a Varian TrueBeam with a sophisticated radiotherapy planning system that enables our veterinary care team to treat a broad range of cancer cases. Our machine is designed with exceptional speed and accuracy, which ensures comprehensive and effective care.