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Animal Specialty Center

Animal Emergency Healthcare in Yonkers, NY

If your pet experiences a medical emergency, contact us at (914) 457-4000 or come directly to the hospital. Calling ahead allows us to better prepare for your arrival.

If Your Pet Experiences an Emergency

During a medical emergency, the best thing you can do is remain as calm as possible and try not to add additional stress, fear, and anxiety to an already emotional situation. Your state of mind will help you to think more clearly, enabling you to make decisions that will get your pet the needed help in a timely manner.

Our doctors and support staff are on premises at all times, and our team is specially trained in emergency and critical care.

The ASC team is committed to providing around-the-clock, high-quality medical and surgical care as well as a compassionate experience for pets and the families who love them.

If Your Pet is Hospitalized

Should your pet require an overnight stay in the hospital, we understand that you may be anxious about leaving your pet. Please know that the in-patient wing of our hospital is designed to help your pet rest comfortably during their time with us. Our team of veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and veterinary assistants are scheduled 24/7/365 to help ensure a safe and stress-free environment. Patients relax in individual suites surrounded by muted colors, soft lighting, relaxing music, and calming pheromones (Feliway and Adaptil). We offer a variety of amenities including mattresses, blankets, pillows, and donut beds to accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes.

Comfort Calls

When your pet is hospitalized, your pet’s veterinarian will contact you at least twice a day with a medical update. The updates generally occur between 9 and 11 a.m. after medical rounds – a time when our veterinarians review each patient’s progress. If a significant change occurs in your pet’s condition, you will be contacted by a veterinarian, regardless of the time, unless you indicate otherwise. In addition to these medical updates, you are welcome to call our hospital for a Comfort Check, a status update on your pet provided by one of our veterinary technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my pet’s condition is critical and needs to be brought in immediately or is able to wait?

If you are unsure whether your pet is experiencing an emergency, we encourage you to call our hospital. We are always here to help you assess your pet’s individual circumstances.

What is the order that patients are seen by the Emergency Department?

We see patients in order of critical status. Upon arrival, your pet will be triaged (medically assessed) by an emergency technician to determine the urgency of their condition. An extended wait time does not mean we don’t care about you and your pet – it means your pet is stable and that patients who are critical and experiencing life-threatening injuries or illness must be seen first. In addition to caring for walk-in patients, our emergency team is also caring for the sickest patients who are currently hospitalized and receiving in-patient care.

Depending on the number of emergencies, we cannot always guarantee a specific time that your pet will be seen, and the wait can be extended. We realize that communication is essential and we will always do our best to keep you updated.

Is curbside service available for pet families who are immune-compromised or quarantining?

Under these circumstances, we encourage you to ask someone outside your household to bring your pet to the hospital. If this is not possible, please notify our team so we can wear appropriate personal protective equipment to safeguard you and our staff.