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Animal Specialty Center

Join Our Team & Continue to Grow Your Veterinary Career

Team ASC consists of Veterinary Specialists, Emergency Veterinarians, and highly skilled Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants. We aim to build positive relationships, provide progressive and compassionate veterinary care, and to keep people and their pets together.

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Why Work With Us?

Our team values a positive and healthy work environment, and we believe that the best way to achieve that is to dedicate a department to our investment and the care of our employees. A collaborative team approach leads to better outcomes for our patients and more professionally fulfilled veterinary medicine teammates.

Wellness and self-care

On-site events in our employee lounge. On-site and virtual mindfulness workshops, yoga, seasonal activities, trivia and game nights! Based on teammate recommendations, we are constantly evolving.

Hands on training

Our onboarding and training process is always evolving to be sure that we are offering a stress-free introduction to a new team. Our managers work with each employee and pay close attention to their Career Growth preferred way of learning. Whether it be shadowing a seasoned teammate, reading materials, or a combination we will make sure all new teammates feel comfortable in their new role.

Pets at work

Designated safe spaces in our hospital where teammates can bring their pets to work. This is especially helpful for longer workdays and pets that have medical needs. In addition, we offer discounted rates on employee pet care on all hospital-wide services.

Team collaboration

Weekly all team check-ins and virtual huddle sessions where decisions for our hospital are made with a team approach. Team huddle attendance is encouraged virtually and in-person.

Continuing education

Our Career Growth Department offers the hands-on training needed to supplement students of in-classroom as well as distance learning programs. We will make sure that you meet all AVMA accredited requirements. On-site RACE approved CE courses held in our employee lounge accommodates up to 50 teammates. All of our on-site CE opportunities have virtual participation options!